Best Power Banks for Smartphones in India

Best Power Banks for Smartphones in India 2017

"Do you want to make your smartphone battery live longer?"

If yes , then we have got a solution for you.Now a days as technology is getting advanced, the usage of smartphones and tablets are also increasing.

The results and graphics of the smartphones are getting faster day by day but the battery life is getting depleted at the same rate.Thats why after spending hours in researching and manually testing various power banks we have shortlisted top 10 best power banks for smartphones in india so that you can make your buying decision to be effective.

This is where the need of power banks comes into place.Also as we all know that now a days everything is becoming portable be it laptops,smartphones,tablets etc.

Thus there was a need for getting our chargers portable which was covered by power banks.Power banks are portable as they can be easily carried with us while we are travelling or doing outing or some other things.

Power banks come in various sizes and we buy them according to our need that is charging capacity needed for the battery.Power banks are used to charge the batteries of our smartphones and as time is passing by these power banks are becoming more and more sophisticated and are charging our batteries in lesser time ever.

best power banks

As the smartphones are becoming the part of our daily life and we are getting more and more dependent on it day by day,it is impossible to find charging slots for our smartphones when we are outside.Unfortunately an incident just happened to me.I was in a family function and my phone’s battery was low and was going to die very soon.I was unable to find any charging slot and at the same I had to reply to certain important emails.Now at that time I realized the importance of power banks.On the next day only I bought the power bank.

If you are wondering what a power bank is,what is the price and the procedure to use the best power bank brand,then do not worry,you have landed at the right place.I will be covering all the topics in full detail here.

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Tabular List of top 10 Power Banks in India 2017

PNY BE-740 10400 mAh Power Bank10400 mAhLithium-ion1buy now from amazon
Romoss 10000 mAH power bank Li-Polymer Battery Polymos 1010000 mAhLi-Polymer2buy now from amazon
ADATA PT100 10000 mAh Power bank(Black-Green colour)10000 mAhLithium-ion2buy now from amazon
PNY BE-520 5200 mAh Power bank5200 mAhLithium-ion1buy now from amazon
Asus ABTU005 10500 mAh Zen Power Bank10500 mAhLithium-ion1buy now from amazon
Lenovo Power bank PB410 5000 mAh5000 mAhLithium-ion2buy now from amazon
Easy ACC 10000 mAh ultra slim Dual Usb Power Bank10000 mAhLithium-ion2buy now from amazon
Ambrane power bank P-1310 13000 mAh13000 mAhLithium-ion2buy now from amazon
Intex IT-PB11K 11000 mAh Power Bank:11000 mAhLithium-ion3buy now from amazon
TP LINK TL PB 10400 mAh power Bank10400 mAhLithium-ion2buy now from amazon

What is a Power Bank?

Power banks are defined as the combination of a group of batteries that are wrapped in a special case.These batteries are internally made up of lithium ion and when we charge these lithium ion batteries,then electrical energy gets absorbed and can be utilized when we need it.Power banks serves as a blessing for travelers,bloggers,office going people and many other people.So,if you are a people fond of travelling,then buy the best powerbanks today as if your mobile runs out of battery during travelling in a hill station or such and you won’t find any electric port there normally,then you might run in serious trouble.

best power banks

Power banks are portable which means that they can easily carried away by us when we visit any outing places.We just have to charge these power banks so that it consumes electrical energy and when ever our mobiles,smartphones or tablets run out of battery then we can use our power bank to charge smartphones etc with the help of usb cables that connects power banks to mobile phones.It is just like depositing a certain amount of fixed money in your bank account(charging the power bank) and taking it out(charging our smartphone,mobiles or tablets) whenever we are in need.

As we all know that in this digital world we are getting more and more dependent on newer technologies like tablets,smarthones and as smartphone is getting faster day by day,it sucks up more and more battery which ultimately makes us to rely on good power banks.Here power banks are serving as a secondary power source.Thus power banks are becoming more and more popular these days.Remember first you have to charge your power bank then only it can charge your smartphones when ever required.

Types of Power Banks:-

Power banks are of two types:-

1.Usb cable plugin power banks=

These are the most common types of power banks.Here,we first charge the power banks through a usb cable whenever we are near to an electrical power supply.After charging the power banks,we just take them with ourselves in our backpacks,pockets etc so that whenever our mobile devices run out of battery,then we can charge them through power banks even if an electric port is not available there.Power banks can also be called as secondary power banks or battery banks as here in the combination of batteries we store electrical energy to make use when ever our mobile devices run out of battery(just like depositing money in bank and withdrawing them whenever we need it).


2.Solar charger power banks=

Solar charger battery banks are also a good example of perfect power bank.Solar battery banks contains photovoltaic panels or solar panels.The working of solar battery banks is very simple.We just have to put them in sunlight and ten these photovoltaic cells absorb the energy radiated from sun.Solar battery banks have a usb port so they can be used to charge our smartphones,mobile devices and tablets.We can put solar battery banks on our cars,the terrace of our houses and at any place where the sun comes and these battery banks will get charged.It is useful when we go for camping,hiking or any vacation.

solar charger power bank

The main disadvantage of Solar Battery Bank is that what if sun is not available in the sky or a stormy weather is there outside,then we cannot charge solar battery banks.As a result we cant transfer the energy to our smartphones too.

How to choose the Perfect Power Bank Brand?

There are a huge number of power banks available in the market.We should be very careful to select the best power bank as a fake power bank can ruin our mobile our smartphone also.Yes there are fake power banks available in the market which charges only 2 or 3 times.That’s why there is a need to know the characteristics that a power bank must have so as to become the perfect power bank.

Few tips that we should keep in mind while buying power bank are:-

1.Capacity of the Power Bank:-

Capacity is the most important deciding factor while buying a power bank.Capacity is measured in mah or milliamps per hour.Capacity of a power bank denotes how much charge is inside a power bank’s battery.Power banks vary from a capacity of 1500 mah to 15000 mah ,20000 mah and even 30000 mah too.Now let us understand the importance of mah while buying a power bank.

Suppose you have a mobile phone or a tablet whose battery is of 2000 mah and you are looking for the best power bank for that mobile phone or tablet,then I would advise you to go with a power bank that has atleast 10000 mah capacity.Why this advice,well the answer is simple.Because there are certain losses that are involved while transferring the power from power bank to the mobile phone’s battery,which leads to loss in an efficiency of power bank capacity.Ideally you might get an efficiency of 70 percent to 90 percent depending on various factors which means that you will get 7000 mah to 9000 mah power from a 10000 mah power bank.

Thus my advice would be to buy a power bank that have triple or even quadrupled(4 times) capacity as the battery of your mobile phone.If you have a smartphone having 2000 mah battery then you should buy a powerbank of 10000 mah which means that you will have 7000 mah energy to be transferred to the smartphone that can charge you smartphone two plus times.

Let us consider one more example.Suppose we have a phone battery with 2750 mah capacity.A power bank of 5000 mah can be a good match so as to charge the phone 1 time because due to energy losses in the conversion process,the powerbank will yield 3500 to 4500 mah .But if we have a phone whose battery is 3500 mah then a 3500 mah power bank cannot charge the mobile phone completely.

Thus the higher the mah a particular powerbank has,the more it has the capacity to charge your mobile phone.

Please note that a power bank achieves its best performance after 7 to 8 chcarge-discharge cycles.So,if your power bank is giving less efficiency after 2 to 3 discharge cycles,the you don’t need to worry.

The bottom line is buy a power bank accoriding to your needs and requirements that is how much capacity(mah) is required by your mobile phone’s battery to be charged up.

2.Number of output ports:-

If you are an office going person or a businessman,then you must be carrying more than 1 mobile phones.What if both mobile phone batteries goes down,here comes the usage of a number of output ports.If you have two or more than two output ports in your power bank,then you can charge two mobile phones at the same time.For this,you have to select a powerbank with multiple ports.Multiple output power banks can come a bit costly.

If you are a student and you want to charge your friend’s smartphones then also you need multiple output ports in your powerbank.


Pay attention to the connectors that are available with the powerbank.It is advisable to buy a powerbank that contains built in cable.

One important feature that a power bank should contain is pass through charging.When you buy a power bank,you get a usb cable only.You have to charge the powerbank with the help of the power adapter that came with your mobile phone or smartphone.Now you might not like to travel with two separate power adapters-one for power bank,another for mobile phone.Now the pass through charging comes into picture.What you can do is connect the one end of the power adapter to the electrical socket at your house and connect another end of power adapter to the power bank.At the same time,use the cable that came with your powerbank.Connect the power bank with your mobile phone through that cable.What this does is first energy is transferred to the mobile phone and then your power bank gets energy in it.You can take advantage of this pass through charging feature by making this setup in the night and when you wake up in the morning,you will see that both the power bank and the mobile phone is also charged.

This pass through charging is there in some powerbanks.Imagine that you have two or more than two output ports in your power bank,then you can charge multiple smartphones with that power bank during night.

4.Types of batteries that the power bank contains:-

There are two types of rechargeable cells found in the power banks.One is Lithium-Ion.Second is Lithium-Polymer

Lithium-Ion cells are more popular because they are older generation,not costly and easily available too.The mah capacity of lithium-ion cells are generally limited.

On the other hand,Lithium-polymer cells are safe and they are not heavy too.

5.Portable and weight of the power bank:-

Power Banks must be portable.This is also one of the most important characteristic that a power bank must have.When people go out at different places,they want that the power bank must be portable and light weight so that they can easily take the power bank with themselves.Power banks must be handy in nature that is they must be easily carried in the bags and even our pockets too.Imagine if a power bank was of a size of a computer,then that would have been impractical to be called as portable.

So,Power banks should be portable and light weighted too.

6.Safe protective circuitry:-

If you are in a local market or you are thinking to buy powerbanks from road side markets,then please stop.They might not give you the best power banks.They might be fake power banks too.You might see power banks of branded companies for smaller prices there but this is a red signal tos top there only as that power bank might get overheated and can harm your phone and it might be damaged one too.So,I advice you to buy powerbanks online only.

Please ensure that your powerbank provides the following protection:-

(i)Protection to overcharging:-If your powerbank has overcharging protection,then when your power bank gets fully charged,then it will automatically cut off the power supply to prevent overcharging.This feature can be helpful when you make the charging to power bank on and some how you forget about it.

Power Banks have a led at the upper base.It glows Whenever we connect a power bank to electrical power supply,we can easily see a light that flashes on one of the leds and more led start glowing as power bank gets more and more charged.

(ii)Over Voltage protection:-When ever the supply of voltage in your house exceeds the input voltage of the power bank,then this feature can be helpful.

(iii) Over heating protection:-You can check for over heating protection of your power bank.This feature avoids over heating if you are in a very hot place where the temperature is high.If over heating is not there in the power bank then it might cause a harm in high temperature environment.

(iv)Short circuitry protection:-Power banks also give this short circuit feature which can help in a situation when short circuit occurs.

You can safeguard yourself from buying a fake powerbank by FCC,RE AND ROHS certifications.A power bank gets FCC and ROHS certifications only when certain tests are performed on it.Tests include if a powerbank is prone to explosion or not and whether proper circuitry is maintained while the manufacturing of a power bank.

7.Price of the Power Bank:-

Pick the powerbank that suits your budget as well as your requirements like capacity,number of output ports etc.You should buy a branded power bank,it can be little costly but the qualities will be good in that power bank.

8.Warranty certifications:-

You can check for the warranty of a power bank.Normally a branded power bank comes with a 1 year warranty.You can also check for a service center availability in your city so that if any problem comes after buying power bank,you can easily get it repaired.

9.Current Ratings of the Power Bank:-

(i)Input current of the Power Bank:-

Input current is important as it measures the amount of time in which our power bank is recharged.If the input current of our power bank is low,the =n it might take 8 to 9 hours for our power bank to be charged fully.Current is measured in amperes(A).

There will be times when you have a power bank that has 2.1A input current.But the charger of your wall supports only 1 A,then you should upgrade your wall charger as with the current charger it can take long time to recharge your power bank and you never know when the need of the power can come.

(ii)Output current of The Power Bank:-

In some power banks the output current rating is 1A.On the other hand there are some power banks which have 2.1 A output current.You can read about input and output current on the power bank itself as it is printed on it.Some mobile phones have 1 A input rating to draw current to its batteries and some smartphones also have 2.1 A input rating to draw current.

Now a days there are many power banks in the market which are able to find out the input rating of a mobile phone and adjust output rating of power bank accordingly.These power banks are recommended because they charge our mobile phones faster and also don’t push more to smartphone than required.

Please note that there are certain mobile phones which support qualcomm quick charge feature.This feature means that it can charge your phone in less time than expected.If you have a charger and a mobile supporting this quick charge feature,then you can look for a power bank that supports quick charge feature.Not only will this quick charge supported power bank charge the power bank quickly,but this power bank will also charge your phone too.


Check Top 10 Power Bank Brand Reviews 2017

After discussing the qualities that must be present in a good power bank,let us see top 10 power banks in india

​Top 10 Power Bank Reviews for smartphones in India 2017:-

​1.PNY BE-740 10400 mAh Power Bank:-

As understood from the name itself,this power bank has 10400 mah capacity.So,the people who are looking for power banks with good capacity,you might want to consider this power bank.

PNY BE-740 10400 mAh Power Bank

It has good design and looks pretty.The PNY BE-740 10400 mAh power bank is developed by PNY technologies from New Jersey,USA.

Key features of PNY BE-740 10400 mAh power bank:-

*The physical dimensions of this power bank is 140*25*51 mm and it has a weight of approximately 236 grams which means that this power bank is handy and portable.Its weight is less,so it can be easily carried away with us in our palm,bags etc.

*This power bank has 3.7 volt lithium-ion battery and has 10400 mAh capacity which means that you can get 7500 to 9000 mah.This capacity is enough to charge our 2500 mah phone more than 3 times.

*Input current and output current both are 2.1A and it can take 5 to 7 hours approximately to charge this power bank.

* There is one usb output port which means that you can charge only one smartphone or mobile device at a time.

*If you are a frequent traveler or fond of hiking then this power bank has a great feature of LED torch for you.If you are on a dark place and there you want some light then you can switch on the LED torch available in the power bank.

*There are 4 LED light indicators which shows the level of charging of the batteries of the powerbank.

*It has a 1 year warranty and provides protection to over charging,over current,short circuit.When ever your smartphone gets fullt charged it automatically powers off.

*This power banks has over 6000 reviews on amazon and has a 4.1 start average rating at amazon

This power bank is one of the best power bank that one can buy in india.

Romoss 10000 mAH power bank Li-Polymer Battery Polymos 10

Key Features of this power bank are:-

*It has 10000 mAh battery and can give 7500 to 8500 mah output approximately.

*Romoss 10000 mah contains li-poymer battery.

*Its product dimesnions are 21.6*10.4*4 cm.Its weight is 399 grams.This is also portable and light weight.

*Romoss 10000 mAh has two output ports available in it.One of them 2.1A and second one is 1A.You can charge both your mobile phone or tablet at the same time as well.This will prevent some situation when you don’t have energy available in your mobile phone.

*It comes with 1 year warranty and comes with over charging protection too.

It is also one of the most selling power banks.

ADATA PT100 10000 mAh Power bank

Key features of ADATA PT100 power bank are:-

*It contains a 5V Lithium ion battery wih a capacity of 10000 mah which means that you can have 7000 mah easily to charge your smartphone twice fron 0 percent to 100 percent.

*It contains two usb output ports and is also compatible with all smartphones

*For frequent travelers there is a flashlight available in it.

*It is available in another colour too.

*Its price is also cheap.So,it is one of the value for money power bank available in the market for Indians.

*This powerbank has 5V-2A input current rating.

*Output voltage is same for both the output ports 5V.But for one output port current is 1A and for another output port current is 2.1A.

*The product dimensions are 14*2.2*6.3 cm and its weight is also less 286 gms so it can be easily taken with ourselves in our bags,pockets too.

*It comes with 1 year warranty and has over 2700 reviews on amazon with an average 3.8 star rating at amazon.

This power bank is for those people demanding less than 6000 mAh battery.

PNY BE-520 5200 mAh Power bank

Key features of PNY BE-520 power bank are:-

*This power bank consists of 3.7 V Lithium ion Battery with 5200 mAh capacity.By the help of this power bank you can charge your smartphone one time.

*It has a very trendy design and high quality finish.The power bank looks good.

*This power bank has a built in torch so people can make use of it.

*There are 4 lights of LED which indicates how much charge or power is there inside the power bank.

*The input current rating is 1 A and output current rating is 1 A at its maximum.

*It has a 1 year warranty and also comes with over charging protection which means that power bank will auto power off when ever your power bank is fully charged.

*The physical dimensions of the power bank is 9.8*2.3*4.4.

*One best feature about this power bank is that it is very light weight.Its weight is only 122 grams.

*This power bank has over 2200 reviews on amazon with an average rating of 4 stars over 5.

I would suggest you to buy this power bank if you are looking for lightest weight power bank in the market.

This is also one of the best power banks available by a branded company in india.

Asus ABTU005 10500 mAh Zen power bank

Key features of Asus 10500 mAh power bank are:-

*This power bank conatins a lithium-ion rechargeable battery and has a capacity of 10500 mAh which is very good and it can give more than 8000 mah output

*It has a very pretty look and is small just equal to the size of a credit card.

*The physical dimesnions of this power bank are 9.2*7.6*3.2 cm and its weight is 213 gm which is not more and this feature makes it portable.

*This power bank also has 4 led i=light indicator which denotes how much energy is there in the powerbank.

*There is a safeguard against short circuit and over charging protection is also there.

*This power bank has only 1 ouput port which makes it to charge only one smartphone at a time.

*It comes with a 6 month manufacturer warranty.

*It has over 400 reviews with an average rating of 4.1 stars.

This power bank is one of the high rated mid range power bank available In the indian markets.

Lenovo Power bank PB410 5000 mAh

Key features of Lenovo 5000 mAh power bank are:-

*This power bank is very sleek,smart and super slim.You will love it after haing this power bank.It has a gorgeous look.

*The product dimesnions are 18.7*11*2.5 cm and its weight is 118 gms.This power bank is light weight and portable too.

*This power bank is coming from a reputed name and is giving over charging protection to safeguard our gadgets.

*This power bank is available at a cheap price and gives good efficiency too.

*It has two output ports and the capacity of this power bank is 5000 mAh.

*This power bank has over 750 reviews on amazon with an average rating of 3.9 stars out of 5 stars.

*It has two output ports.It also a led indicator of four lights,each light represent 25 percent battery in the power bank.

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Easy Acc power bank is a very stunning and beautiful power bank with beatufil colours in it.It is a colourful power bank.

Easy ACC 10000 mAh ultra slim Dual Usb Power Bank

Key features of this power bank are :-

*This power bank is compact in design and is very portable that is this power bank can be easily carried away in your bags and even pockets too.

*This power bank has a 10000 mah Capacity.It can give approximately 5 times full charging to your iphone 5 or approximately 3 times charging for Samsung galaxy s4

*The product dimesnions of easy acc 10000 mAh ultra slim dual usb power bank are 13.3*7.1*1.6 cm

*This power bank contains a lithium ion battery and its weight is around 240 grams making it portable and handy.

*Dual USB output: Charge two smartphones or an iPad at full speed (USB Output 1: 5V 2.1A, USB Output 2: 5V 1.5A); advanced power lock technology with standby time of up to 6 months once fully charged.

*As the charger is portable is useful for various occasions like parties,mountain climbing ,picnics etc.

*It conatins two output ports.One output port is of 1.5A and another is of 2.1A.This power bank also contains Led indicators to represent the charging levels of the power bank.

Ambrane Power Bank is available in India

Ambrane power bank P-1310 13000 mAh

Key features of Ambrane Power Bank P-1310 are:-

*The capacity of this power bank is 13000 mAh(milli ampere hours) which means that you can easily get 10000 mAh output power from this power bank.With the help of this power bank,you can easily get your 2000 mah smartphone charged 5 times.

*The product dimensions are 15.5*7.3*3.7 cm and the weight of the power bank is 322 grams.

*In the ambrane power bank p-1310 13000 mAh, there are two output ports to provide power from power bank to mobile devices.One port is of output 2.1 A and second port is of output 1 A.With the help of Ambrane 13000 mAh power bank,you can charge your smartphone as well as your tablet both at the same time .

*For frequent travelers and people that love mountain climbing,picnics etc this power bank serves as 2 in 1.It has a status led with torch.This power bank is a bit heavy but it is portable then also.You can put it inside your bags.

*Ambrane power bank has over 900 reviews on amazon and has maintained a 3.4 star rating out of 5 stars on amazon.

The intex 11000 mAh power bank is also available in india in white colour.

Intex IT-PB11K 11000 mAh Power Bank

Key features of intex 11000 mAh power bank are:-

*As stated from the name of the power bank,its capacity is 11000 mah which is quite good capacity

*The intex 11000 mAh power bank has three output ports.Two output ports have 5V 2A output each and one output port has 5V 1A.

*This power bank uses Li-ion battery.

*The input current rating of this power bank is 5V 2.1 A.It takes approximately 5 hours to be full charged from 2.1 A source.

*The product dimensions are 14.2*2.6*6.3 cm and is weighed at 549 grams.

It has over 3500 reviews on amazon and an average of 3.5 stars out of 5 stars on amazon.

This power bank is available in India.

TP LINK TL PB 10400 mAh power Bank

Key features of TP LINK TL PB 10400 mAh Power Bank are:-

*The capacity of this Power Bank is 10400 mAh which can charge your smartphone approximately 4 times.

*This power bank has two usb output ports.One output port is of 1 A curreny and second is of 2A current.Thus this power bank can be used to charge multiple smartphones simultaneously.

*The intex 10400 mAh power bank is compatible with many devices like iphones,ipads,android smartphones etc.

*Multiple safety protections are also provided in this power bank.

*There is also a built in flash light which is very useful when ever you go to picnic or so.

*The physical dimesnions of the power bank are 8.9*4.3*.3 cm.

*The weight of the 10400 intex power bank is 227 grams.

Infographic on Things to Consider While buying a Power Bank

best power banks in india 2017

best power banks in india 2017


It is clear now that power banks are a very important gadget now a days.If you have any query in buying the best power banks, feel free to comment below.